**Important Announcement**
By Chief Chad Livelsberger
May 29, 2021

June Chicken BBQ Canceled
During our last department meeting the members had long discussions about our June chicken bbq as we were informed of some information from our food supplier.
We have spent many years building our reputation of having probably the best Chicken BBQ in the area and a lot of that is due to the type of chicken we use. With the information provided it has caused us to make some tough decisions.
With that in mind, Since our last BBQ there has been an inconsistent shortage of chicken with the price of chicken continuously increasing. Our supplier couldn’t guarantee what the price would be at the time of purchase nor if they could supply the exact brand/type that we have been using for some many years that made our BBQ such a success.
The information provided lead the department to make the decision to cancel the June BBQ. Just like fire protection, we want to ensure consistency in high quality in what we provide. Please understand this was not an easy decision to make, as we understand you enjoy our chicken.