76 Cut Job
By Lt. Tyler Seibert
September 12, 2021

At 1658 hours the Squad & Wagon were dispatched on Box 76-14 to the Route 462 Bridge to assist West Hempfield Fire/Rescue with a Vehicle Accident with Reported Entrapment. Rescue 41-1 w/7, arrived and confirmed 2 subjects trapped, with up to 8 additional trauma patients involved.
The Squad crew performed a two door swing on the drivers side of the vehicle and prepared for a roof flap, while Rescue 80 worked the passenger side. Both patients were rapidly extricated from the drivers side and the roof flap was deemed no longer necessary. Extrication was completed within 6 minutes of arrival of the Squad.
The Engine Company arrived and handled the landing zone on the bridge for STAT MedEvac-10, while the Squad crew then turned their focus on additional patient care as EMS resources were stripped. 41 units were released shortly after all patients were turned over to EMS. Fantastic job to all agencies involved!
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