Drills With Co. 44
By Lt. Tyler Seibert
September 23, 2021

Last evening for Company drill we were joined by Craley Fire Department. The Volunteers started off by reviewing 1st & 3rd due engine responsibilities at a mix of our row homes/apartments with known apparatus access issues in the first due. Engine positioning, long lines, leader lines, line positioning & building construction were discussed at this particular property.
Upon returning to the firehouse, crews reviewed basic ropes & rigging with our 3:1 haul system. A change of direction was added, and we also built the system up to make it a 9:1. This likely scenario could play out in much of our first & second due areas with vehicle accidents, where vehicles come to a rest down 100’-200’ embankments with the occupants needing rescued.
We are proud to serve the citizens of our Communities!

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