2022 Officers Announced
By WrightsvilleFIRE Web Division
December 28, 2021

The Wrightsville Fire Department is proud to announce our 2022 Fire Line & Administrative Officers. 2021 was another challenging, yet very rewarding year for our department! Congratulations to the newly elected and returning Officer's that will take effect on January 1st & Thank You to our outgoing Officers from 2021.

Fire Chief: Chad Livelsberger
Deputy Fire Chief: Scott Livelsberger
Assistant Fire Chief: Eric Livelsberger
Captain: Zach Ishman
Lieutenant: Michael Loucks
Lieutenant: Tyler Seibert
Lieutenant: AJ McCarty

President: Scott Livelsberger
Vice President: ReaiJah Livelsberger
Treasurer: Sharon Smeltzer
Assistant Treasurer: Kelli Livelsberger
Secretary: Cassie Ishman
Assistant Secretary: Sarah Clause
Trustee: Zach Ishman
Trustee: Jared Poole
Trustee: Chad Livelsberger
Membership Coordinator: Sarah Clause

To our fans...stay tuned late New Year's Eve for the release of our 2021 Year End Video, you don’t want to miss it as the final touches are being finished up!!